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11-Month Old Seeks Help for Transplant
By: Willman Group

11-Month Old with Birth Defect Fights the Odds, Awaits Critical Transplant;

Community Donations Will Help Allow Newborn to Enjoy Regular Life

For most of us, a challenging day consists of waking up, getting dressed and heading out the door to face another day.

Imagine that your day, every day, might be simply struggling to survive by receiving your needed nutrition intravenously and doing so while just 11 months old – after eight surgeries and advanced care. Add to that stress, the fact your parents now anxiously wait for you to receive a Life-changing transplant, and they need financial help for you to get the transplant and post-op care you need.

Meet Grant Michael − who was born with ‘Short Gut’ Gastroschisis, a birth defect caused by a hole in the abdominal wall, which means he was born with less than 10 centimeters (3.97 inches) of small intestines.  This is far less than the average of 250 centimeters for a normal newborn.

This birth defect is so rare, only one of seven babies is born with it.

Grant’s body cannot absorb food and drink like you or I − he gets his nutrition from TPN (‘Total Parental Nutrition’). All of his meals are intravenously fed to him by a Broviac, a long catheter in his chest to a vein that goes to his heart. He looks like a completely healthy baby boy, until you look under his onesie.  Along with a Broviac on his upper right hand side of his chest, he has a Gastrostomy tube on the left hand side of his stomach. (While most individuals have a G-tube to receive nutrition, Grant’s G-tube drains excess fluids so he doesn’t feel like he ate a Thanksgiving meal).

Grant underwent re-connective surgery at just 6 months. Before that he never had a normal bowel movement. Today, he travels with his mother each week to Georgetown University Hospital to be seen on a constant basis by one of the leading surgeons on the East Coast specializing in pediatric small bowel transplants.

Currently number two on the transplant list for a ‘new’ small intestine, Grant’s transplant is life-saving   but also very expensive and stressful – insurance will not pay for all costs such as co-pays, clinic visit travel, and relocation for six months so that Grant’s parents can be closer to their son in his post-op phase. It could take a full year to find a suitable donor.

And Grant’s struggle will continue even after the operation. He will need to continue three-time weekly visits to Georgetown and take medicines each day for the remainder of his life.

Grant’s mother has begun a campaign to raise much-needed funds to assist with little Grant’s uninsured expenses. While one of the happiest babies you would ever meet, his condition is medically unusual, and so too are its expenses.

Those wishing to assist with a generous donation can go to, or if interested in making a tax-deductible donation, can also visit and search     under Grant Michael McCauley-Davis.

Checks may be made payable to ‘HelpHOPELive,’ noted for Grant Michael McCauley-Davis on the Memo line, and mailed to:


2 Radnor Corporate Center

100 Matsonford Road

Suite 100

Radnor, PA 19087


Your support and kindness is critical to his overall success, as Grant continues his struggle. Prayers, support and generosity is greatly appreciated by his family.


Grant Michael McCauley-Davis


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11-Month Old Seeks Help for Transplant
By: Willman Group
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