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Great Holiday Gift Idea!
By: Marianna Erickson

A Gift For The Soul

    UniverSoul Design offers a gift certificate like no other.  A gift to yourself or someone you know that provides the gift of a service that renews the soul...the gift of expanding personal comfort zones with a bonus maintenance plan.  The best bonus of all is this gift reaches out into the world! 

 Consider how it would feel for you or someone close to you if at least one day - any day of choice - during the week could actually be spent devoted entirely to the needs of the soul.  Visualize a day without having to work at anything; a day of reading, napping, singing and dancing, not feeling like there's a need to prove anything to the world; a day of truly connecting with family, friends and with the source greater than ourselves; a day that restores inner peace and helps remember that joy comes from within and given out generously. 

              Some refer to this type of day as Sabbath or Shabbat.  This gift is perfect for those who observe their certain day as well.  It would create a greater peaceful environment for their chosen day to be even more restorative. 

 This time spent feeling  the soul experiencing peaceful wellbeing is available to anyone regardless of the chaos that goes on around us.  This feeling acted upon in a large collective can actually make dramatic shifts in the world just by each of us taking time for our souls, diminishing the global chaos. It starts within us individually.  It can be done in many ways.

             UniverSoul Design's professional organizing "comfort zone expansion" method is for those whose homes and offices have gotten so cluttered there is no physical space to breathe and function healthfully.  The spaces are representations of what's going on in the soul...moreover, what's not going on for the soul.  The mind has taken over the heart.  The stress of a cluttered mind ultimately penetrates our physical bodies, changing the DNA and causing dis-ease.  The good news is, DNA changes like this can be reversed!  It's a matter of committing to feeling good (God/Source). Making space in our homes and offices is making space for recieving the goodness of life, the simpler pleasures of life is a great place to start!


Give A Gift

That's Good For The Soul, That's Good For The Whole



 Holiday Season 2008 UniverSoul Design Gift Certificates

are available 

November 20th - December 20th. 



Wishing Peace, Love And Blessings

To All This Holiday Season!

 Contact Information:

Phone:  301-695-4729



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Great Holiday Gift Idea!
By: Marianna Erickson
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