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By: Holy Yoga


Laurie Egbert
Phone: 301.693.0680
Completes Training to Become Certified/Registered Holy Yoga Instructor
Frederick, MD – May 2011 – Holy Yoga is pleased to announce the graduation of Laurie Egbert, who completed her training on May 8th, 2011 to become a Certified and Registered Holy Yoga instructor.
Laurie completed Holy Yoga’s intensive 200-hour certification program after a nine-week immersion including education in technique, teaching methodology, anatomy, philosophy/ethics/lifestyle, practicum, and contact hours.Laurie was also required to participate in a week-long intensive retreat where all of the fundamentals were revisited and honed to a level of complete mastery in preparation for the facilitation of Holy Yoga classes. Holy Yoga is an internationally recognized yoga instructor training program.

I have always loved practicing Yoga. After years of DVD’s in my living room and a course at F.C.C., I started looking for a practice that fit with my spiritual beliefs. Immediately I found Holy Yoga. The certification experience with Holy Yoga has been life changing. I had carpel tunnel surgery just a month prior to my certification retreat, and the physical healing I experienced through the practice of yoga speaks to the kind of benefits that you too can experience. As a full figured woman, I do not fit the standard stereo-type for a yoga instructor and that is just fine! It shows people that everyone, at every level, starts someplace and it’s a journey that you take one day at a time. Yoga allows me time spent refocusing my mind, body and spirit. If there is one thing I want everyone to know about Yoga it’s that every BODY can do it.

“Holy Yoga is a physical practice of aligning the body combined with breath work and mindful intention of reliance on God,” said Brooke Boon, founder of Holy Yoga.“Laurie is completely equipped to facilitate Holy Yoga classes, which provide an opportunity for students to experience the physical worship and celebration of God through movement, biblical meditation, and fellowship.”
To date, Holy Yoga has certified a total of 350 instructors nationwide and will graduate 40 additional instructors this winter, for a total of 390 instructors internationally.
For those who cannot yet connect to a class locally, Brooke Boon’s second book Holy Yoga: Exercise for the Christian Body & Soul published by Time Warner Faith Words is available for sale on its release, there has been an ever-increasing demand for classes, education, and teacher training with Holy Yoga.With the first part of the book dedicated to explaining the Christian practice and the steps, Boon uses the second part to lay out simple yoga postures, poses and breathing routines with the included DVD for at-home Holy Yoga practice right in your living room.Warm and engaging, Holy Yoga: Exercise for the Christian Body & Soul provides readers with an easy-to-follow and effective supplement to enhance their spiritual lives.In addition to the book, a second practice DVD, which takes students to the next level in their practice, is also available for purchase at
“We never fully anticipated the incredible demand for and growth of Holy Yoga”, stated Brooke Boon, Founder and President of Holy Yoga.“Our intention behind the book and DVDs was to make Holy Yoga available to the people everywhere until we can meet the demand for classes locally.The release of the book has resulted in an international demand for Holy Yoga classes where people can truly connect with our instructors, and we plan to keep providing instructors to meet that demand.”
The Christian Yoga movement has been gaining a great deal of attention by the press with recent national coverage on ABC World News, in Newsweek and in Yoga Journal.There has also been significant Phoenix-area coverage on Sonoran Living, in the Arizona Republic and in Ahwatukee Foothills News.The increasing popularity of Christian Yoga nationwide is fueling the rapid growth of classes taught by Holy Yoga certified instructors.Since it began certifying instructors in 2006, Holy Yoga has certified a total of 350 instructors teaching in41states nationwide and 4 countries.The practice retains its core values by unifying the entire instructor base around one philosophy: to introduce people to a unique and powerful time of movement, worship and fellowship dedicated to Jesus Christ, regardless of denomination. To deepen the experience, Holy Yoga classes are practiced to contemporary motivational Christian music.
At the physical level, the practice of yoga promotes all aspects of well being through healing, strengthening, stretching, oxygenating and relaxing the body.Some of the proven key benefits include:improved muscle tone and flexibility, maintenance of healthy weight and strengthening of joints, ligaments and tendons.Through concentration, yoga promotes mental health as well.A focused, clear and peaceful mind is more alert and open and can easily relieve anxiety and reduce stress, improve memory and concentration and promote happiness and sense of well-being.On the spiritual level, by uniting the body and the mind Holy Yoga practitioners can achieve a deeper relationship with the Lord. By collectively worshiping the practitioners are able to express prayer in a very intense yet intimate way and connect with others in a unique Christian worship.
“Holy Yoga, or any form of Christian Yoga, is not a religion,” added Boon. “It is a time of worship, of praise, and of connection to Christ practiced to inspirational Christian music.Holy Yoga is for all Christ followers looking to combine the numerous and proven health benefits of a yoga practice with scriptural teachings and prayer.”
For more information about Holy Yoga, class schedules, or teacher education programs, visit, email, or call 888-737-HOLY.
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By: Holy Yoga
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