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High Wheel Race 2016

By: Craig Shipp

The National Clustered Spires High Wheel Race 2016
The Only High Wheel Race of Its Kind in America

Below is some slow motion footage by

Eric Cameron (above) of Frederick was the overall winner!

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This year's racers:

Nick Ackermann, Middletown MD -2006 RBR Excelsior
Marcus Aurelius Autrey, esq., Potemkin village GA- 1886 Webley-Vickers
Nyle Blanck, Orange CT - 1886 Columbia Expert
Brian Caron, Hagerstown MD - 1882 Columbia Expert
Eric Cameron, Frederick MD (overall winner) - 53" Rocky Mountain High Wheel
Bruce Gerson, Frederick MD - 2004 Rideable Replica 48" Standard
Jonathan Horton, Boonsboro MD - Rideable Replica
Keith Hyndman, Phoenixville, PA - 2016 RBR Excelsior Standard 56"
Matt Tester, Redhill, Surrey, England - UDC
Dan Turner, PA - 2014 Rideable Replica Boneshaker
Andrew Sanderson, Pennsylvania - 1886 New Mail Lite Roadster
Phil Saunders, London UK - Maesicek 54 inch
Brian Weber, Glengary, WV - Josef Mesicek 56"
Martin Baechler, Middletown MD - 2016 Excelsior Replica
Allen Beland, Arlington VA - 1979 Boneshaker 48"
Avery Blanck, Orange CT - 1885 Columbia Expert
Haig Colter, Bethesda MD - 52" Victory
Lee Cramp - 51"  1891 Columbia Light Roadster
Hellen Frank, Maryland - The Wheelman 36" Coker
James Hodges, Purcellville VA - Rideable Bicycle Replica (RBR)
Sheryl Kennedy, Hagerstown MD - Summerfield 2010
Eric Knight, Berwyn PA - 1884 Columbia Expert 
Paul Norris, Redington Beach FL - Rideable Bicycle Replica  -  New replica Boneshaker2016
Rob Stull, Thomas WV - Rhoten Flyer
Wally Thomas, Monroe CT - 2014 Worksman Cycles - RBR, 48" Boneshaker
Steve Weddles, Greencastle PA - 2016 Weddler

The penny-farthing, also known as a high wheelhigh wheeler and ordinary, is a type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel. It was popular after the boneshaker until the development of the safety bicycle in the 1880s.[1] It was the first machine to be called a "bicycle".[2]

Although the name "penny-farthing" is now the most common, it was probably not used until the machines were nearly outdated; the first recorded print reference is from 1891 in Bicycling News.[3] It comes from the British penny and farthing coins, one much larger than the other, so that the side view resembles a penny leading a farthing.[4] For most of their reign, they were simply known as "bicycles". In the late 1890s, the name "ordinary" began to be used, to distinguish them from the emerging safety bicycles;[5] this term and "hi-wheel" (and variants) are preferred by many modern enthusiasts.[6][7]

In 1869, Eugène Meyer, a Frenchman, invented the High-Bicycle design and fashioned the wire-spoke tension wheel.[8] Around 1870, English inventor James Starley, described as the father of the bicycle industry, and others, began producing bicycles based on the French boneshaker but with front wheels of increasing size,[4] because larger front wheels, up to 1.5 m (60 in) in diameter, enabled higher speeds on bicycles limited to direct drive.[1][4][9][10][11] In 1878, Albert Pope began manufacturing the Columbia bicycle outside of Boston, starting their two-decade heyday in America.[4]

Although the trend was short-lived, the penny-farthing became a symbol of the late Victorian era. Its popularity also coincided with the birth of cycling as a sport.[4]

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High Wheel Race 2016

By: Craig Shipp
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