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PPF FFF - Trace Adkins - 2015

By: Craig Shipp

PPF FFF - Trace Adkins - 2015 - Family Fundraiser FUNomenon

Jamie Lynn Spears opened and was a big hit with the large crowd at the Frederick Fairgrounds. Then when Trace Adkins took the stage it was clear the 10th annual PPF FFF was a huge success. See photos and video clips below as they tell the story and we'll see you next year! 

Marion Grace from Walkersville in Frederick County, Maryland sings backup for Trace Adkins!

Please see all videos below - all are available in 4k UHD!

Trace Adkins with Marion Grace from Walkersville, MD in 4k UHD

J Bar W Ranch rodeo and beautiful PPF supporters below:

Jamie Lynn Spears below:

A tribute to Old Glory our United States of America Flag:

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PPF FFF - Trace Adkins - 2015

By: Craig Shipp
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