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Skittles III for Charity
By: Dan Patrell

The Pitch

We would like you and several of your friends throughout the community to take part in the THIRD ANNUAL "Skittles for Charity", an event that combines luck and skill, along with the charity of your choice. Last year, people such as yourself gathered together and raised more than $6,000 for two worthy non-profits, Community Living and the Julie Ann Robertson Cashour Memorial Fund.

Just as we did last year, there is a four-person limit to every participating charity. This allows us to include a greater number of non-profits, and helps to even out the chances between the worthy charities.
Your entry fee is only $50, which goes ENTIRELY to the winning charity. By pitting people (randomly) against each other, we will produce Frederick's next Skittles Champion, who will walk away with a pot of money THAT GOES ENTIRELY TO THE CHAMPION'S SELECTED CHARITY. As a bonus, the Champion himself/herself also takes home a Skittles game and stand, for his/her home or office.

How this Works as a Charitable Event

An entry fee of $50 will be collected from each individual that evening. The preferred form of payment is by check. We ask that you leave the "To" portion blank, until it is determined who the winning charity is (each player is asked to designate a winning charity, 501c3 rating). When the event is completed, we will complete the checks at the closing of the event, and then make sure the funds are handed over to the winning charity. As we're looking for you to designate charities that are 501c3, it also means that your $50 donation is tax-deductible. 100 percent of the proceeds collected goes to the winning charity.

How to Join This Event

  1. Email Dan Patrell, Frederick Magazine, at
  2. If you received an advance notice, respond to this and write, "YES, I want to be Frederick's Reigning Skittles Champion."
  3. If you didn't receive advanced notice, it wasn't that we meant to forget about you. Simply email Dan Patrell and write, "YES, I want to be Frederick's Reigning Skittles Champion."
  4. In this email, we ask that you also designate your preferred charity. Please make sure your charity is 501(c)3 designated, to ensure the tax-deductibility of all donations.
  5. Make sure to confirm your intent with any follow-up emails that you may receive from Dan Patrell.
  6. On March 2, make sure to arrive to The Barcelona Room by 6 p.m. Present your payment (again, we prefer a check), relax, get a drink (cash bar), enjoy some of Isabella’s finest appetizers, and wait for the event to begin. Last year was a blast (ask anyone who attended), and this year will be an even bigger party—for a great cause. If you’re lucky, it may be your cause!

Basic Rules and Concept for Skittles

Each turn consists of a single launch of the top onto the Skittles game table. A string is wound around the top and the top positioned in its starting position at one end of the game. Tom England, of Dancing Bear Toys, our designated referee, will help to wind the tops. The string is then quickly pulled away from the table at a slight downward angle, initiating the spin of the top. The turn finishes when the top comes to a halt. At that time the points for each of the pins toppled is calculated, which becomes the player's total score. Each player will get one spin per round (except in the case of a do-over; see Specific Rules of Play).

Specific Rules of Play

  1. The referee will wind the top and place it in the starting position.
  2. The player will then start the top spinning by pulling the string - don't be afraid, pull hard and fast.
  3. "Do-overs" a. A do-over can occur only during the first round of play (limited to one do-over per player). Cases where a do-over will apply include, but are not limited to, the following (at the discretion of the referee):
    1. Top fails to spin.
    2. Top is pulled out of the shoot and never makes it onto the playing board.
    3. Player inadvertently knocks down pins by hitting the table.
    4. Any other situation that the referee determines a do-over is warranted.
  4. Leaners count - in some cases, the top will hit a pin that will lean against the wall of the game table without falling down. In this case, the player will receive the full point total of the pin.
  5. Triple Score Pin - Each pin is positioned on the game table within a small circle (refer to picture). If the top hits the pin and knocks it outside the circle without knocking the pin down, the player will receive triple the point value for that pin.
  6. Pins are not counted when they fall due to moving or knocking of the table or any other movement that was not caused by the spinning top. The referee determines whether a pin fell down by the top, or whether the pin was knocked down due to some other outside influence.
  7. The decision of the referee is final.


We encourage ALL participants to practice by visiting Dancing Bear Toys, 12 N. Market (301-631-9300). It's a fun game. If you only practice a couple spins, it could be that extra edge you need to be come Frederick’s NEXT Skittles Champion.

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Skittles III for Charity
By: Dan Patrell
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