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Brunswick Veterans Day 2017
It was the 85th year of the Brunswick Veterans Day event.
Rocky Ridge Parade 2015
Rocky Ridge Parade 2015 with the PAUL LEDFORD BAND
Frederick's July 4th at Baker Park with Miss Frederick
Frederick's July 4th - Baker Park with Miss Frederick, Taylor Lokey
Frederick Celtic Festival 2013
The 2013 Frederick Celtic Festival was dedicated to honor and benefit our Wounded Warriors.
Middletown Heritage Festival 2012
Middletown Heritage Festival 2012 a great annual family fun event and it's FREE!
PPF FFF - Family Fundraiser FUNomenon 2012 - Hunter Hayes
Sarah Evans and Hunter Hayes gave their talents toward a great cause at the annual PPF FFF - Family Fundraiser FUNomenon for 2012.
Lucketts Fair 2012
The Lucketts Fair Bluegrass Music Festival for 2012 with The Hillbilly Gypsies. Also featuring Patent Pending Band.
The Great Frederick Fair Heritage Celebration
The Great Frederick Fair Heritage Celebration
Can My Betta Fish Live in a Betta Fish Bowl or Vase?
Is a small Betta fish bowl or vase adequate for the housing needs of your Betta fish?
Proper Feeding of Betta Fish
A simple guide to feeding Betta Fish to optimize health and vitality and avoid overfeeding
Myersville Trolley Festival 2010
The Myersville Lions Club, festival sponsors and citizens of Myersville invite you to enjoy an exciting yet relaxing, educational day in the country.
Walk-N-Wag 2010 - Baker Park - Frederick, Maryland
The annual Walk-N-Wag event helps raise money to take care of homeless pets. For photos visit keyword "Walk-N-Wag"
Sharpsburg Heritage Days 2009
Photos and videos from the Sharpsburg Heritage Days for 2009.
The Great Frederick Fair 2009
The Great Frederick Fair is a must-attend family event. The Fair is educational, fun and entertaining all at the same time.
Seek Ride
A look at a Saturday Motorcycle ride through beautiful Frederick County, Maryland. Stops include Lilypons, The Seek Farm, Point of Rocks Train Station and Sugarloaf Mountain.
A Gift For Fido
Some good gift ideas for your pup.
The merits of the Okapi
Exploring the relationship between the unique Okapi and the cretaive process of building and online business.
Dog Eat Dog
The sad reality of what goes on during a dog fight.
What to look for when you're researching dog day care and boarding
Puppy Love
Why you should NOT buy someone a puppy for Christmas
Operation K-9 Military Care
A worthy cause for our k-9 soldiers and their handlers.
Nutrition for Your Pet
Discusses nutritional needs of pets
Preparing a First Aid Kit
Tips on preparing a first aid kit for pets
Choosing a Pet
tips for picking the right pet for your family.
Introducing a New Pet
Tips for introducing a new pet to a household.
Is Your Pet Safe at Home?
Discusses household dangers for our pets
Preparing for a Disaster
Making preparations for your pets in case of a disaster
Princess of Wales Parrot - A BEAUTY TO BEHOLD!
Introducing a very UNIQUE Pet/Companion bird

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