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First, you signup as a member. Then after your account is active and you are signed into the AreaGuides site (like this one) you will see Welcome and you name in red letters on the left upper side of the homepage.

Special Note: For news items also connect with FrederickNews and publish direct to that website. Click Here to get started!

Below that will be links to the various types of content you can add and a link that says "You Content" to manage anything you have published to date. Have fun and share your thoughts on your community website!

For additional help below are "How To" videos that should help you get the most out of your community website. I will also include links to where you can download the videos from vimeo to make them available for off-line viewing. This helps if your Internet connection has trouble streaming the videos.

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Here are the video links on vimeo:

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more coming soon!


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