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Reviews for: alexandras family day care provider Average Rating: 5 out of 5 (1 votes)
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tbiscuit - 5 out of 5 - 09/26/2008

Ms. Ali has a great place for the young kids to learn and play. When my wife and I sought a place for our son we wanted a daycare with a structured environment where he would both be able to learn and play. We wanted him to play with younger children of various ages. We also wanted a well cared for house full of clean toys in good repair. Ms. Ali was worlds away from the other day cares we visited.

She spends time teaching the children inside and outside around her gardens. She spends time teaching them both English and Spanish. The older children develop basic math skills, the alphabet, and the animals, shapes, colors, etc. The younger children are there for this, too, and Ms Ali works to maintain their interest in the same lessons.

When toys become worn, Ms. Ali replaces them. As the seasons change, she changes her room around. She decorates the walls, and keeps the children excited to find what will change next. She treats the daycare as a business, not a source of income, and maintains everything to this end. That was a key difference between her daycare and others we visited. She runs a small family daycare; she does not keep kids in her basement.

There are too many small things to list (the half hour \'Program\' of good TV time, the schedule with firm nap times, the healthy snacks prepared, the care she shows the kids...). My wife and my only comment is to be firm with what you want. Ms. Ali has run a daycare for over 15 years, and has strong ideas of what children should be doing at certain ages. If you don\'t believe your child is ready for a particular food and she does, tell her that you do not want him to have it. She will do as you ask, but if you do not ask she will tell you what she is going to do. This is not a complaint, it is probably a good thing so long as it is understood from the start. Otherwise, be prepared for her to tell you when and how to start potty training your child and how she is going about it.

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