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Reviews for: The Learning Bee Child Development Center Average Rating: 1 out of 5 (1 votes)
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crice2 - 1 out of 5 - 08/24/2010

Where do I start. We had our daughter at The Learning Bee from 6 weeks to 10 months. We\'ve had a myriad of difficulties from a \"lost\" cash payment that we were never reimbursed for, staff not prepared the first day we brought in our daughter (they apparently weren\'t notified she was coming), several instances where we had to hunt down someone in the morning so our daughter could be watched because both Infant rooms were empty, two occasions where staff went much too far is \"diagnosing\" our child instead of adhering to the recommendations of our pediatrician, and us coming in and finding our daughter ALONE, crying in the middle of the floor with no staff in sight. We would have let all that slide without writing a review, but then the center wrote an email a week before we were scheduled to move our daughter to another place (because despite our constant complaints, nothing was done) that they were kicking her out the next day. No notice, nothing. Despite the fact that we adhered to their 4 weeks leave rule (we gave them 6 weeks to plan). When I told her it was unfair that they give us one day\'s notice after we gave them 6 weeks, the OWNER replied that she didn\'t care. Now what kind of person does that?! I realize we may be protective, but we are not incompetent parents, nor are we incapable of telling the difference between appropriate boundaries versus neglect or apathy by direct care workers. In the 10 months our daughter was with The Learning Bee, my husband and I have encountered at LEAST 10-12 different evening workers - some we had known, others we had never met before, and some one-offs that we have not seen since. In addition, our daughter has been found by us on more than one instance sitting alone, crying in the middle of the floor, with the workers so eager to \'close\' the room that they didn\'t feel it necessary to continue to provide care to the kids left. Finding my daughter scared, alone, and sobbing while a worker I\'ve never met is too busy folding laundry or wiping down the changing station to \"deal\" with a crying infant is something I simply cannot tolerate. The only saving grace to that whole place is the Infant 1 teacher, Glenna. However, she can\'t be there all day, and what\'s the use of having your infant create a bond with her if they\'re only going to move them to a room where the teachers neglect them. The Learning Bee requests that their parents provide them at least 4 weeks of notice prior to removing a child from their care. We provided them the 4 weeks, explaining we would remove our daughter on Thursday the 26th. However, despite our adherence to the contract, they sent us an email on 08/18/10 stating only the following: \"We just received notice that a baby will be starting next week. Lily’s last day will be this Thursday August 19, 2010. The center is closed Friday.\" Thus, they provided us with less than 24 hours notice about their decision to remove our child from their care, which is abhorrent behavior. When I called that same evening to ensure they were aware that we had stated the following Thursday would be our daughter\'s last day (giving them the benefit of the doubt that they had confused dates) they were unsympathetic and said it was \"our fault\" because we wanted to remove our child from their care. We were then forced to scramble to find child care service for our daughter for the following week. So we provided them with an adequate amount of time to find a replacement for our daughter, but refused to allow us adequate time to find alternative care for a time when we anticipated she would be in their care. The OWNER said she didn\'t care. And if the owner doesn\'t care, imagine what the staff are like. We were just a dollar to them. And my daughter deserves better than that.
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